Mail Call!

I have just finished knitting a few baby boy hats, but have not yet taken photos of them yet.  A lot’s been going on at the homefront, but have no worries, I’ll do so shortly.  Although I’ve received the following below for quite some time now.  I haven’t been able to include them in previous postings so I thought I’d share photos of these yarns now with you.

All but the bottom yarn are made of 100% wool– 2 skeins of alpaca and 4 of merino.  I am seeing handwarmers and cowls made from these in the future.  A hand-cranked ball-winder and a couple of row counters accompanied this shipment, but was unable to take any photos of them.  I’ve heard a lot about Malabrigo yarns (actually, I’ve been slow in this department, too) so guess what might just show up next at my doorstep?  🙂

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