Switching Gears


Humans are creatures of habit.  Everyday we find ourselves reworking on the same things we did the day, week, or month before.  While some may, at times, be caught in a rut, most of us find a sense of stability and security in having a set routine to keep us busy for any given amount of time.  But as the seasons change, our habits or activities change like the flora and fauna around us as if some invisible gears were switched.  For knitters, cool weather means working with bulky and super bulky fibers on bigger needles.

And warm weather means working with lace and fingering weight yarns and smaller needles.

As I contemplate on new designs that require the latter kind of yarns, I have added a craft or two as I switch gears from working exclusively with knitting needles


to one which includes crochet hooks.  Knitting continues to be my first love, but would like to expand my boundaries to include crocheting miniature animals and accessories.


To the mix I’m adding jewelry-making and French flower-making.  I don’t exactly know how these will fit under the blog’s theme, but I believe that engaging in these crafts will inspire me to be a better knit wear designer.

So I hope that you accompany me in my journey and find how switching gears may be best for things other than just the engine.

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