Showing Your True Colors

Last year, it was Turqua and Blue.

This year it’s Cherry Red and Soft Navy.

Who knows what its colors will be next year.  Who or what is it?  The above images will give you a hint.

It’s the Special Olympics USA Scarf Project Program!  It has been a month since the Special Olympics State Winter games started and months before that, knitters and crocheters nationwide have been on a rush to send in their “works of heart” to the 39 participating programs.  To date, less than 10 states have met their goals.  Scarves have been reported as being transported from one state to which ever one is in immediate need of meeting their scarf quota.  One thing’s for sure– while there is a shortage of scarves for most of the states, there is no shortage of scarf patterns.  You can find them at the Scarves for Special Olympics website.  I have also provided free knit patterns which I have designed especially for this purpose.  Clicking on the photos above will each lead you to a different scarf pattern.  Just be sure to use Red Heart yarns in the 2012 colors which are Red Cherry and Soft Navy.  Get those scarves in before the deadlines! 🙂

If you want a different way to show support for the 2012 Special Olympics or have worked hard to send in your

“work of hearts” for this year’s Special Olympics Scarf Project and wish to reward yourself, the versatile and stylish Lombard Hat like the one shown in the photos above,  is the pattern you will be needing.  To keep with the theme, I’ve substituted Color A for Michael’s Cozy Wool in Red and Color B for Thick and Quick in Cobalt Blue– both of which are super bulky yarns.

These are only two projects you can adapt for this year’s Special Olympics, but whatever you decide to work on, you’ll never regret showing your true colors.

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