Yarn Bombing of Olympic Proportions

Yarn bombing, yarnstorming, graffiti knitting, guerrilla knitting, and urban knitting all mean the same thing.  It is a form of street art or graffiti in which yarn or cloth are employed for artistic or political expression, instead of paint or chalk.  Yarn bombing has an advantage over other forms of graffiti in that it is not permanent and non-defacing, hence is said to be cleaner and more environmentally friendly.  Early examples were recorded as early as 2004 in Netherlands and has since spread worldwide.

Photos below show details of a recent yarn bombing in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, England featuring different Olympic events tied onto a 50-yard long scarf along the town’s pier railings.  As with the identity of other forms of graffiti, the yarn bomber responsible for this epic-sized graffiti  remains anonymous.















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  1. #1 by hiddenlondon on March 9, 2012 - 8:50 am

    Wow, that is beyond impressive! i love the swimmer.

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