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Andy Warhol Bridge: The Biggest Yarn Bombing in the U.S.

Over 1,800 people showed up last weekend to participate in Pittsburgh’s “Knit the Bridge” project which became the largest yarn bombing in the nation to date.  The finished product will be part of the Fiberart International 2013 exhibit.















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Crocheted Art that Takes You Back in Time






For Brazilian artist, Ernesto Neto, crocheting is more than just a mere distraction to pass time, it is a means to sculpt time. The bimorphic environments he created makes time move backwards as you become a child again maneuvering through the webbed walls. His work, now showing as “Cuddle on the Tight Rope” in Nasher Sculpture Center in Texas, is also based on the relationship between our body and the world that surrounds it with rhythm playing a huge part in it.



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