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For Better or For Worsted


A change of circumstance has kept me from my blogging routine.  For the past eight months, I’ve been homeschooling my DD and while this has been very rewarding, it has presented some challenges of its own—that of time management.

The days of knitting for hours on end have been understandably replaced with segmented sessions which somewhat slowed down the creative process.  In spite of this, I have completed a few projects, made of worsted weight yarn, for baby shower gifts about which I’m happy to blog.  You can click on the links for instructions.

The first of these are baby afghans knitted from my own design, the Madalyn Rae Baby Afghan.  The pattern features repeating garter-stitched chevrons in 5 yarn colors.

2013 Boy MRB Afghan


2013 Girl MRB Afghan

Baby sacks or buntings with a cable design are very useful in cool weather, especially if they’re worked in worsted weight.

2013 Boy Bunting


2013 Girl Bunting

Baby gifts cannot be complete without soft, stuffed animal toys.  Seen below are Cordell the Owl (a pattern which I modified by adding a few more rows to the body) made from a boucle yarn and a Sock Giraffe (mine was knitted without the horns, with mane added), followed by a Tubby Teddy Sock Critter from Lion Brand (I used variegated yarn for the body).  The eyes for all the toys were cut from felt squares using a hot-glue gun.

2013 Zebra and Owl


2013 Girl Sock Bear

I thought that after gifting all these baby projects, it’s only fitting that I widen out my work by designing baby patterns using worsted weight yarn for quick knitting.  I will be posting more work-in-progress (WIPs) photos in the future.



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