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A is for April and Animals

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  All are invited to visit the ASPCA’s website to discover the many ways we can all show support to our animal friends.  The Snuggles Project also welcomes knitted and crocheted blankets year round for animals.  You can also show your support through your knitting with these stitch markers specially designed for the animal lovers among us.






Five in this set’s stitch markers each have a focal bead of a one-of-a-kind orange Czech druk glass bead, randomly specked with gold paint which is accented by a small smokey fire-polished glass bi-cone bead at the top. One distinguishing stitch marker to mark beginning of rounds or rows is made of the a silver-toned metal paw print charm and is topped by the same smokey fire-polished glass bi-cone bead as the other five. Beads are suspended on a black nylon-coated wire. There are six (6) markers in a set and are now available through Etsy.


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