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2012 in Blogging

Before the New Year comes in where I’m at, I’d like to share WordPress’ annual report about my blogging.  Many thanks to my readers for viewing my blog 26,000 times in 2012 which, if each were a film, there would be enough to “power 6 Film Festivals.”  These originated from the United States with Canada and the United Kingdom not far behind.  Below were the top five posts that got the most views:

1.  Madalyn Rae Baby Afghan and a Free Pattern

Chevron Baby Blanket4


2.  Special Olympics Scarf and a Free Pattern

Shriver Close-up


3.  Cool Weather Knitting: Watch Cap (free pattern)

Version 1

Version 1

Thick and Quick Hat with Folded Brim


4.  Knitting Goes High Tech with Nike Flyknit



5.  Paris Beret and a Free* Pattern Offer

Paris 1



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Fans of Giants, Celebrate with 2012 Super Bowl Champions!

It’s been 4 years since the NY Giants had their first Parade of Champions along the streets of Manhattan and the crowd of fans shows no signs of thinning out.   As far as these 500,000 to 1M are concerned, blue and red are the colors of the day, if not the year, representing the 2012 Super Bowl Champs.


Coincidentally, these are the 2012 Scarves of Special Olympics program colors which I blogged about here, featuring an EKS Day Scarf free pattern and another Shriver Scarf free pattern which can be adapted to blue and red.



For hat lovers, what celebration is complete without a Lombard Hat (shown below) to match:



This hat is a quick knit in super bulky yarns with Color A in Michael’s Red Cozy Wool and Color B in Thick and Quick’s Cobalt, of which colors you can reverse to make the predominant color blue, the winning color.

So why does everyone love a winner?  Because “History is written by the winners,” says Alex Haley.

Who knows who the next year’s winner will be, but for millions today it’s “Go Giants!”

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Showing Your True Colors

Last year, it was Turqua and Blue.

This year it’s Cherry Red and Soft Navy.

Who knows what its colors will be next year.  Who or what is it?  The above images will give you a hint.

It’s the Special Olympics USA Scarf Project Program!  It has been a month since the Special Olympics State Winter games started and months before that, knitters and crocheters nationwide have been on a rush to send in their “works of heart” to the 39 participating programs.  To date, less than 10 states have met their goals.  Scarves have been reported as being transported from one state to which ever one is in immediate need of meeting their scarf quota.  One thing’s for sure– while there is a shortage of scarves for most of the states, there is no shortage of scarf patterns.  You can find them at the Scarves for Special Olympics website.  I have also provided free knit patterns which I have designed especially for this purpose.  Clicking on the photos above will each lead you to a different scarf pattern.  Just be sure to use Red Heart yarns in the 2012 colors which are Red Cherry and Soft Navy.  Get those scarves in before the deadlines! 🙂

If you want a different way to show support for the 2012 Special Olympics or have worked hard to send in your

“work of hearts” for this year’s Special Olympics Scarf Project and wish to reward yourself, the versatile and stylish Lombard Hat like the one shown in the photos above,  is the pattern you will be needing.  To keep with the theme, I’ve substituted Color A for Michael’s Cozy Wool in Red and Color B for Thick and Quick in Cobalt Blue– both of which are super bulky yarns.

These are only two projects you can adapt for this year’s Special Olympics, but whatever you decide to work on, you’ll never regret showing your true colors.

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EKS Day Scarf and a Free Pattern

September 24 is EKS Day in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her lifetime commitment to people with intellectual disabilities.  We, at Little Sweet Knittings Designs, join the more than 170 countries worldwide in their support of this day with a new free knit scarf pattern using the 2012 Scarves for Special Olympics Red Heart colors.

A Modified Chevron Stitch Pattern, with its series of increases and decreases shown below, creates the peaks and valleys which cover the entire scarf.

The photo above shows the reverse side of the scarf and reveals a zigzag purl pattern.  Although the pattern requires more than the basic knit stitches, I personally think that it is still a quick knit.  Blocking helps to eliminate curling of scarf.  Pattern follows below:

EKS Day Scarf (Click on link for PDF copy of pattern)




Red Heart Super Saver Worsted, Color A in Soft Navy, about 130 yd (119 m) and Color B in Cherry Red, about 130 yd(119 m).


17 sts and 23 rows = 4” (10 cm) on US 8.


US 8 (5 mm).


Row counter (optional), tapestry needle.


6.5 inches x 60 inches (16.5 cm x 152 cm).

Be sure to twist yarns when changing colors.  Allow the yarns to travel up the side of the scarf as you change back and forth between the two yarns.
Modified Chevron Stitch:
Row 1 (RS): K2, kfb, k4, sl1k2psso, k3, kfb, kfb, k3, sl1k2psso, k4, kfb, k2.
Row 2: K2, p to last 2 sts, k2.
Rep rows 1-2 throughout scarf length according to the color sequence below.
Color Sequence:
4 rows B
2 rows A
2 rows B
4 rows A
2 rows B
2 rows A

CO 28 sts in A and work preparation rows as follows: k row, then p row.  Start Modified Chevron Stitch according to the Color Sequence, rep 17 times or until close to 60 in (152 cm) in length, ending at 2 rows in A.  BO loosely. Break yarns and weave in tails at WS.

st(s): stitch(es)
kfb: k1 front and back of st
sl1k2psso: slip 1 st onto R needle, k 2 sts together then pass slipped st over
co: cast on
rep: repeat/repeating
bo: bind off

©2011 Mylyne De Jesus/Little Sweet Knittings Designs.  All rights reserved.

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Special Olympics Scarf Project Update

The 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project received overwhelming support from the knitting and crocheting communities as these contributed over 26,000 scarves to 35 participating programs.  Little Sweet Knittings Designs is a proud supporter and even has published an original design, Shriver Scarf, for the occasion, which is posted here.

But don’t put your knitting needles and crochet hooks away just yet.  The Scarves for Special Olympics has announced the official 2012 colors:

  • Red Heart Super Saver 387-Soft Navy
  • Red Heart Super Saver 319-Cherry Red
  • Red Heart Soft 4604-Navy
  • Red Heart Soft 9925-Really Red

Although submissions do not start until November 2011, you can get a head start by checking out the free patterns at the website or using the official colors to knit our Shriver Scarf pattern.  Let’s get working to beat the 2011 scarf contributions!

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Wordless Wednesday– 2nd Special Olympics Scarf Done!

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2011 Super Bowl Team Scarves

When I designed the Shriver Scarf and blogged about it, I had no idea how adaptable it is in reality.  For instance, not only can it represent the 2011 Special Olympics, the colors used to knit it can be changed to show support for the 2011 Super Bowl rival teams.  Although it takes more than a day to complete the scarf, if you start working on it today, the scarf will be ready by Super Bowl Sunday.  Close-ups of the Shriver Scarf have been photoshopped below:

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Shriver Scarf Completed!

I can’t believe how hectic it’s been around here so much so that I just had completed Shriver.  If things remain at this pace, I will have to send in only one scarf to the 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project.  I made some corrections to the Shriver patterns (both written and digital) I published in this post.  The scarf below was based on the newly edited copies.

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Special Olympics Scarf and a Free Pattern

Barely 16 in., but it seems like a good idea then to post the pattern for the Shriver Scarf, my contribution to this year’s collection of Special Olympics pattern.  Named after Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who helped nationalize the Special Olympics, Shriver knitted in Red Heart Turqua and Blue, features garter stitch flanking either sides of two-toned, left-leaning cables.  This pattern can be easily transformed by using other plain colored yarns or even knitted in just a single color.

The photos below show the wrong side of the scarf where the yarn are woven in while being worked so that the strands do not “float.”  Pattern follows next.

Shriver Scarf (Click on link for PDF copy of pattern)


Intermediate to Advance


YARN  Red Heart Super Saver Worsted, Color A in Blue, about 136 yd. (124 m) and Color B in Turqua, about 136 yd. (124 m).


17 sts and 23 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Stockinette Stitch on US 8.


US 8 (5 mm).


Row counter, cable needle, tapestry needle.


6 inches x 58 inches (15 cm x 147 cm).


“Knit 2 rows” means: K14 in B, K14 in A; then K14 in A, k14 in B in the next row.  Be sure to twist yarns when changing colors.  When working on rows 9 to 19, weave in yarns on the WS as you knit, so no strands or floats appear.


CO 14 sts of A and 14 sts of B.  K 2 rows then beg pattern:

Row 1 (RS): K14 in B, k14 in A.

Row 2: K10 in A, p4 in A, p4 in B, k10 in B.

Rows 3 to 8: Rep rows 1 and 2 alternately.

Row 9: K10 in B, 8-st LC-b, K10 in A.

Row 10: K10 in A, p4 in B, p4 in A, K10 in B.

Row 11: K10 in B, k4 in A, k4 in B, k10 in A.

Row 12: Rep row 10.

Rows 13 to 18: Rep rows 11 to 12 alternately.

Row 19: K10 in B, 8-st LC-a, k10 in A.

Row 20. Rep row 2.

Rep rows 3 to 20 until 58″ in length, ending in row 18.  Knit 2 rows.  BO, break yarn and weave ends in.


st(s): stitch(es)

beg: begin

rep: repeat

8-st LC-a: hold 4 st in A on cn in front of work, k4 in B fr L-hand needle, then k sts on cn.

8-st LC-b: hold 4 st in B on cn in front of work, k4 in A fr L-hand needle, then k sts on cn.

cn: cable needle

©2011 Mylyne De Jesus/Little Sweet Knittings Designs.  All rights reserved.

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Charity Knitting, Anyone?

The 2011 Special Olympics is holding a Scarf Project to welcome its participants.  The call went out to knitters and crocheters worldwide to donate scarves to a program of their choice.  Turqua and Blue (seen below) are this year’s official colors.



Free patterns for knitted and crocheted scarves can be found at their website.  For guidelines and deadlines for each state click on this link.  Very specific instructions for packaging the scarves are also mentioned.  I am rushing to knit scarves for the Northern California chapter and still tweaking an easy pattern that meets its guidelines.  I’ll have picture(s) and pattern(s) posted as soon as I complete one.  If you decide to join this project, please email me your scarf photos with its pattern link and I’d be more than happy to post them at this blog.


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