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Fans of Giants, Celebrate with 2012 Super Bowl Champions!

It’s been 4 years since the NY Giants had their first Parade of Champions along the streets of Manhattan and the crowd of fans shows no signs of thinning out.   As far as these 500,000 to 1M are concerned, blue and red are the colors of the day, if not the year, representing the 2012 Super Bowl Champs.


Coincidentally, these are the 2012 Scarves of Special Olympics program colors which I blogged about here, featuring an EKS Day Scarf free pattern and another Shriver Scarf free pattern which can be adapted to blue and red.



For hat lovers, what celebration is complete without a Lombard Hat (shown below) to match:



This hat is a quick knit in super bulky yarns with Color A in Michael’s Red Cozy Wool and Color B in Thick and Quick’s Cobalt, of which colors you can reverse to make the predominant color blue, the winning color.

So why does everyone love a winner?  Because “History is written by the winners,” says Alex Haley.

Who knows who the next year’s winner will be, but for millions today it’s “Go Giants!”

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2011 Super Bowl Team Scarves

When I designed the Shriver Scarf and blogged about it, I had no idea how adaptable it is in reality.  For instance, not only can it represent the 2011 Special Olympics, the colors used to knit it can be changed to show support for the 2011 Super Bowl rival teams.  Although it takes more than a day to complete the scarf, if you start working on it today, the scarf will be ready by Super Bowl Sunday.  Close-ups of the Shriver Scarf have been photoshopped below:

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